Kingdom Barz

from by Mehlek Pfisha

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Kindom Barz Lyrics from Bless Da Flow LP


Im good if I can give you these bars/
No I don't need much more/
All i need is the Kingdom Barz/
Kingdom Barz: repeat 2x's/
No I aint really worried bout cash/
We all know it won't last/
You can eat on the Kingdom Barz/
Kingdom Barz: repeat 2x's?

Verse 1:
This aint a new movement/
This that written in stone wit no tools music/
This that if God say it then you do it music/
This for the soldiers in the trenches, interceding, warfare, call it troop music/
This for the liars, we givin y'all the truth music/
This for the starving, bite that bread of life consume it music/
Basic training for ya camp, strap ya boots music/
This that ax at the root music/
God please uplift the heathens from the booth music/
They pollutin the air, call it PePe Le Pew music/
This sweet aroma, from the alter to the pew music/
Sin prunin, seekin diligence and prudence music/
Father, Son, Spirit, Three Kings, George Clooney music/
Three parts One God, yeah I know sometimes it feel like rubix music/
Not unless ya intimate that why i Keep It Simple Stupid/
I praise Him wit Kingdom Barz, I'm just thankful He gave me the faith and the heart to do it/


Verse 2:
I wouldn't lie to yall/
Ya need to keep that phone open for that dire call/
This an emergency, God extended that whitened cloth/
I'll throw you on the stretcher before you dyin of/
And feel pain you can't fix wit a Tylenol/
No midol, blood flow like a river/
We on that straight and narrow, grab ya bow grab ya quiver/
I send a message on a kite, this letter delivers/
A second chance at life, like I donated a liver/
My God an organ donor, He givin you a heart/
He givin you a brain, new breath and a fresh start/
Now go back to ya mark like they accidentally shot/
That gun early, Man started life wrong, false start/
Satan like Paul Blart/
a joke and a posier/
I'll show you his true colors, yeah the scriptures will expose ya/
Darkness recedes when hit wit any light/
That's why you see them heathens running when I step up to that mic/

Verse 3:
These bars and chords anatomically strong they can't split/
They meant to pick ya up, remind you of a crane lift/
Scriptures indestructible, aim this
weapon at the devil, go karate kid crane kick/
I'm on my job fishing rod strapped to my arms/
Pfisha man I fish for men, without the caviar/
All credit to the king, no master card/
Saved me made me Spiritman roam the earth in my avatar/


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by Scott Styles



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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