Real Truth EP

by Mehlek Pfisha

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released October 11, 2011



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Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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Track Name: God Brought Me Back
Wont tryin to hurt nobody/ this money drives me crazy/ my life got dark and ugly/ I need my ends right/ I went too far to get it/ I got it twisted and missed God/ we prone to get lost/ but God brought me back/
Verse 1:
I done, scavenged the strip where the hustlas and killas eat/ puffed L’s broke bread where guerillas sleep/ ran from pigs see the marks where the tires screeched/ Long days longer night like im tired of sleep/ kept a stash in the drought, they ran outta weed/ around the time of the first turn of the autumn leaves/ kickin doors of the hinges like I gotta eat/ not a though to where this path that I walk’ll lead/ big trouble in little china see/ eyes glued to every part of my bodily/ cause they know that I charter green and my pockets deep/ mean mugs cause they plot on me/ and when I walk these streets I see em target me/ they stalkin me like they gone really get the drop on me/ im cautious and keen cause I know the price of the lottery a chalk streak outline usually follows the robbery/
Verse 2:
Hustlin and grindin it feels like you chasin time/ I watch these second bricks as this middle man dippin his hand in mine/ wrong move could trip a mine/ and explode a copper shell in this pretty face of mine/ facin 25 could make a brother change his mind/ the last time I kickin in the door, the po-9/ dropped me in that paddy wagon, my hand cuffs behind the backside of my spine as I kissed my ruger goodbye/ facin my own demons I feel em movin inside/ three meals a day im eatin Lucifers pie/ hangin on them metal bars I knew it was God/ sayin this the repercussion and this the fruit of ya life/ you march to the wrong drum, I guess them rudiments lied/ time that you strap up ya boots and move to the light/ I sick of seein the pain and the tears inside of my mothers eyes I decide to give it a try/
Verse 3:
Im used to the scales tippin/ droppin weight up on the balance but now the scales been lifted/ and im claimin im a Christian but the former life insidious and aint nobody listenin/ you know what, nevermind/ I gotta family now, Im a go and gets mine/ I do what I gotta to stay in line/ a statistic cause this probabtion hangin over my head, but I also gotta halo/ formed as a man God moldin me like playdoh/ im still getting cash im just on a different payroll/ Kingdom kid on His Kingdom biz, fisherman in a sea of sin im savin souls/ I pull em outta the dead sea and resuscitate em/ im just a funnel to His breath, yeah I respirate em/ the message sacred it elevate em and levitate em/ Gospel penetrate em the Holy Spirit regenerate em/
Track Name: Problem
We a problem/ no stopping em/ pentecostalin evangelize the gospel in/ where them sinners at/ fear the wrath/ call the spirit in and turn em into citizens/
We a Problem, but not the math they solvin/ We got that holy water, ya skin is the solvent/ No Ben Stiller, don’t ever dodge it/ His spirit pour like rain, its acid till ya flesh dissolve it/ Of course its painful, yeah its torture/ The choice is yours, we aint gone force ya/ He want us as His bride, He’s tryin to court ya/ Reject the crown of life, He’ll let the ring of fire scorch ya/ Now eat ya portion, He’s not mythical/ 33 a.d. was pivotal/ Christ died and rose, literal/ the literature is not analogies and riddles dude/ its time you learn this walk …tennis shoe/ and wrap ya life around his word… tentacle/ he’ll adorn you in new fashion…Kenneth Cole/ witout Christ this life is “Danger” … mystickal/
Betta watch the kid, I got something in the holster/ I blast the ratchet, of course im not remorseful/I do more deliver the message, I bring it postal/ I wet up the joint, holy super soaker/ His Word protect my neck, chasity choker/ treasure stored in heaven, Christ my broker/ you aint gotta play the hand you dealt this life is poker/ I roam the streets with the good news im Al roker/ this life is a roller coaster/ He make it smooth sailin … lost ya motor/ He is more that jewelry stickers and poster/ part seas storms cease, God of Moses/ my landlord 3’s company, Mr Roper/ God the Father Immanuelle and the Holy Ghosta/ I left the behind … Black Noah/ now im livin off the Blood … Bram Stoker/
I promise you love the benefits, alter call send em in let the spirit settle in/ we the body parts of a greater regiment, interlock similar to cinderblock sediments/ we tryin to give ya the medicine/ but they actin like they got attention deficit/ plus they callin ya body a hypocrite/ cuz I can relate to drug money and hittin skins/ look I don’t honor the things I did/my past sickenin its full of plenty blemishes/ the poison has infected him/ Satan still affectin him but Christ keep refreshin Him/ but im repentant so im penitent/ and that forgiveness is sweeter than cinnamon/ back on my mission and im rollin like Michelin/ Christ decendant fisherman find the lost and reel em in/
Track Name: He's On Top feat. Jessica Z.
Fear it, revere it, feel it in ya spirit, you know, my God is on Top/

No He wont stop, yeah the real Rock, is searchin your heart, my God is on Top/

Verse 1:

Reigning and you can dispute it/ Too divine to be computed/ Cant divide the rulers truth/ He’ll never die just reproduce/ the fountain juice for endless youth/ testify im useful proof I breath/ the scent of truth wit ease/ it ooze from me so fluently/ Couldn’t crush the Jewish King who died for you and me/ I know you think you cool but He is minus that a few degrees/ hold it down like roots and trees/ higher than the moon could reach/ and lower than the sewers be/ im stuck on Christ He roots my feet/ add to that he roots for me/ died and paved the root for me/ why else would I move my feet/ rebirthed me to eternity man how you think you bruising me/ you aint got no room to speak/ your crew is weak its comedy/ they D.L. Hughley/ two fingas I shoot the peace/ seek His face wit scrutiny/ I smother Him wit praise like I don’t want to give Him room to breath/ only cursed for truancy/ moved me outta mutiny/ I praise Allah the Christ, the Cornerstone of our community/


Stop actin like ya heart cant feel it, like ya eyes cant see it when ya know God hold it down/ Theres no way you could ever rise above His plane it’s the highest rain/ yall got it twisted now pay your respects time to give God praise/ times runnin out theres no way to deny these the end of days/
Track Name: Poetic Praise
Verse1: I let my verbage sang/
Let me do my thang/
I lift the name of God/
I got that atlas frame
Im where the glory reigns/
Still I'm drenched in pain/
If I aint drawn to God/
Then He'll erase my name/
I seen a lot of blood, plenty tears/
World full hate its got too many years/
Youse a old fart, I'm dat sweet aroma/
send a prayer up to heaven wit da Force of Yoda/
fountain of life, I spit the holy water/
Let it hit ya chest, look how it tear ya heart up/
Wit out da grace a God my souls a goner/
I called his spirit in, now i can die a martyr/
Biblical Army, call us Paper Soldiers/
Now throw that Cross up on ya back dont let it break ya shoulders/
Bow to His name, proclaim His majesty/
Peter Pan hear him crow Brandon Lee/

This Poetic Praise, this Poetic Praise/
This is how i sing, and this is how i pray/
If you dont know His ways, they we gone get ya straight/
Lemme do my thang, man this Poetic Praise/
This Poetic (repeat 3x's) Praise
Lemme do my thang man this poetic praise

I put my heart into/ Hear that artery fluid/ that aint bass it’s the sound of the cardiac movin/ this is Godly music/ feel me rockin to it/ I don’t need to cook coke to put the Rock into it/ aimin straight to the Heavens, that rocket to it/ His word growin on my heart, petunias and tulip/ spit the pure seed Christ, He on my two lips/ I pollinate ya ears this is fruit producing/ you malnourished dyin slow, take communion/ flesh kryptonite, not ooze of the sewer/ you been fooled by the villain Lucifer Lex Luther/ Sin’ll trap you like a torture rack, Lex Luger/ I been saved from my distress, Son of Man is Super/ live by the gun, youll die by the ruger/ I live by the sword of Christ no death in my future/ this poetic praise, let me show you how to do it/

Verse 3:
This is poetry/ this the goal for me/ lift his name up, that’s what its supposed to be/ we have only received talent so we keep/ shoutin back to God singin Holy to the third degree/ and my prayers str8 to Christ, no rosary beads/ you aint gotta use caution when approaching me/ im just a seed of fruit growin in the glory tree/ avoid the drama like vegetarian avoid the beef/ but that Lion of Judah has put that roar in me/ I shout his name so loud it echo overseas/ vibrations, deep as the floor of the sea/ im the blessin of Abraham thank to Noah deeds/ highway to Heaven, pearly gates and golden streets/ where will you fall when he sifts the chaff and assorts the wheat/ if you don’t accept Christ and call him Lord and King/ then He gone lock you in the gates of hell and throw the key/