Bless Da Flow

from by Mehlek Pfisha

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Lyrics For Bless Da Flow

I prayed to God like would you bless da flow/
He said I blessed it b'for ya butt was born/
Well if you blessed it what am I waiting for/
He said I thought the same thing, boy its time you let the people know/
Lord I need you to bless da flow/
I know I know its gone save a soul/
Lord I need you to bless da flow/
Bless Da Flow/

Verse 1:
Mercy and grace, bless da flow/
Destroy my obstacles, clear my opticals/
and level that road/
Before I spit that salt of life, I was eatin a sea of them dead scrolls/
Digest that mind of Christ, that's what I like, I go Hannibal/
These scriptures sit in my soul/
Like vegetables, they nutritional/
Regurgitate as fruit, throw it up and make a mess on the floor/
And feed these intellectuals/
No, no , no, I don't want no respect for this prophetic flow/
Only my God could gimme this talent, so only to God my credit gone go/
I pick up my two feet, and walk the path that he set before/
He turned my life around, I'm a reciprocal/
Hoodlum to a king He'll crown ya head wit gold/
My tongue is a red carpet to the throne, boy let it roll/
This that shut ya mouth, kill that noise, rest ya throat/
Stand at attention and set ya post/
Im here to bring you the presence of a General/
Y'all too busy worried about who gone be the next to blow/
The best the G.O.A.T. man lets invest in the Lord/
Lose ya cool, heads gone rolls/
Respect the mantle boy bless dat cloak/


Verse 2:
Im tryin to drive this in ya brain, God set the goals/
I gotta special flow/
Its so, so technical/
Trail blazin' where my legs'll stroll/
Allow me to welcome y'all to the Clyde Drexler show/
Church keep it poppin like its Pepsico/
No poppin' bottles, just holy water, no sour diesel no Texaco/
And it aint hard to follow, its like a lightning bolt/
Turn em on illumination of the HOLY GHOST/
That Tesla flow/
I go electrical/
My tongues is the plug, my mouth is the receptacle/
Couple volts to the neck and throat/
Feel the amperage burn, touch ya heart, where ya spirit gone go/
Born again ya flesh gone roast/
I close my eyes, zone out Katy Perry flow/
My souls outta this world, Im extraterrestrial/
I prayed to God, He touched my heart like a stethoscope/
And I'll be light in a dark place, a fluorescent bulb/
I feel like the last dragon, come and catch the GLOW/
Star wars music, this that Jedi flow/
My vocals chords be the light saber bless da throat/
I tell ya who I'm reppin for but you already know/


I'm such a wretch, what you think I repented for/
We sacrificed a bull/oxen upon that altar and slit his neck and throat/
I sprinkled the blood on my body and anointed my head wit oils/
I'm covered in red, head to toe/
Now, now what is the Darick Rose/
This that clean music/
I don't pollute the air waves I'm more like a breath of soap/
Now, inhale the chemicals/
I sterilized my vocals up on a bed of them coals/
Dylan, Yoga Flame, never test the throat/
It's fire whenever my pencil flow/
Burn marks on the page, Im leaving a stencil for em/
So you could trace my verb-age back up to Heavens source/
God is my Ghost writer, Im just the message boy/
In the blink of an eye, this life gone come and go/
Hurry up and hit that narrow path, boy pedal to flow/
Life is a race, this that Tom Petty flow/
Gone in 60 second, Nick Cage Shelby Flow


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by SuperStarO



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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