7 Cities

from by Mehlek Pfisha

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7 Cities Lyrics from Bless Da Flow LP

They call it seven cities/
outside I think it's pretty/
inside the hearts of men, you can see its dark and gritty/
if you ain't on defence/
you probably on the fence/
and don't realize the real affects of evil, walk it with me/

Verse 1:
I was raised in Bad News, Virginia be the stomping ground/
in the wind you hear that hammer sound, them clown be clapping rounds/
seven cities all the same, now I'm out in Ham-town/
trying to keep it holy, while I bless these cursed and damned grounds/
proverbs tell it right, its 7 abominations/
seven deadly sins, and here its seven carnal nations/
its six things of the Lord hates/
and where I'm from, everyone of 'em right in your face/
if you ain't careful, the Wolves'll snatch ya up/
catch 'em young, and introduce ya to a bag of dust/
and when yoa brain ain't fried/
your mood swing out of control, until that herb pacify/
after that, every puff you, chasin that first high/
wasting time on a chase for something you'll never find/
if I knew the truth, I could have seen the warning signs/
and avoid the consequence, instead, Hell is all I'd recompense/

Verse 2:
Everybody claimin blood, everybody think they leaders/
top 40 biggest cities, we even got a sports arena/
crime rampant, from Williamsburg to P-town/
murders every other, thieves'll run off with your seeds now/
bums run the streets, gangstas run the projects/
cat kicking doors down, tryin to get another lick/
bootleggers on the corner aint uncommon/
everybody claiming they just trying to make a dollar/
baseheads talking to invisible friends/
cuz that man selling crack want the invisible ends/
I don't had folks sell out they friends/
jumped him try to tie him up, but he aint give up no names/
smoking out of paper bags, first blunt at 13/
won't old enough to buy a Philly, old enough to buy the green/
ridin round on bikes, me and yellow high as kites/
what a shame such potential, now his brain stuck in memory lane/

Verse 3:
the trailer parks a mess/
only difference is, that they skin lack the pigments/
they cuttin throats to get ahead/
in the back they gotta lab, the cooking crystal meth/
sin the same as you head over to the college preps/
they tricking out the Catholic girls, pumping em with coke and X/
death on every side, birthed most of my influences/
no surprise I was whilin' through my adolescence/
by graduation time, it's downhill for most my peers/
fast forward a couple years/
a couple cats are in the Bing/
some have disappeared, never to be seen again/
cats hustling now, even though they kept the grades up/
some got shot, while others completely gave up/
crime might pay, and it got a lot of perks/
but ya soul'll pay the price of somebody guns jerks/
not to mention number 1, avoid that bumpy road/
cuz it never adds up, when you trade for your soul


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by Scrilla Beats



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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