Yeaint Bout That Life

from by Mehlek Pfisha

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Yeaint Bout That Life Lyrics from Bless Da Flow LP


Yeaint bout that life: repeat/
Yeaint bout it, yeaint trying to be about that life/
Yeaint tryin to be about that when ya soul fly/
Hardbody, but that judgment make that soul cry/
Yeaint bout that life: repeat/
Yeaint bout it, I aint trying to be about that life/
I aint tryin to be about that when my soul fly/
Hardbody, but that judgment make that soul cry/

Jars of chronic/
lodi dodi/
like to party/
caught a body/
caught him in the lobby/
of course his gun with polished/
two in his knogen his body went flying'/
its rocks in his pocket, rocks in his socks, and its rocks on his wrist/
its a chick on his arm, its a chick in the car, and the chick at the crib/
he's thinking he harmless, probably because of the vest/
but its another dimension of war for ya soul, so be warned before you lose your breath/
these made man keep thinking that they untouchable/
just cause they survived the gunfire from a slug or two/
but it's going to be bad business when that shovel crew/
dumps you in the box because the Father's had enough of you/
you don't want to see His mercy fade/
they life seem good, right now aint no cloudy days/
but people good and bad are blessed by his precious rain/
I'm just saying, seek His face/
before he gives you a real reason to curse His name/

Verse 2:
They life look flashy, the camera's flashing, media watching em/
they hood rich, good looking chicks be all up on them/
they got 99 problems/
y'all jealous of all 'em/
all they care about is ballin'/
they whole agenda's fallen/
yeah the riches of the life look good/
but they are not efficient, they are gone burn like wood/
and everybody want to keep it hood, keep a burner on they waist, like I wish you would/
the truth is if all you want is power and dollars/
if that's all your life is about then/
your life is mighty godless/
its time that we find that righteous, timeless, prudent King/
I stay on my Shalom, that Martin, Calvin, Luther, King/
they taunt n stunt, n flaunt they stuff they man that's so childish cuz/
Yeaint bout it, I'm like alright so now what/
what's the point of being "bout it" while I'm living/
when everything that's in it is rooted by greed and sinnin' huh/
the truth is that you can't chase God and money/
and if you love one, then you gone hate the other buddy/

I know they life look good yeah/
Ya want it, ya want it, ya think ya should/ :repeat
But just cause that thing shine, that don't make it gold/
Yeah yeah them things might shine, but that don't make em gold/
And everything thats gold, aint gone bring ya shine/
Naw i aint bout no gold, cause that don't bring no shine


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by Hollywood Legend Productions



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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