Where Are You Lord feat Choyce

from by Mehlek Pfisha

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Where Are You Lord Lyrics from Bless Da Flow LP

Verse 1:
Its like her mom could never forgive her/
took her children away and left her freezing in the winter/
of course she want them back, but she can't let go of that crack/
when she finally left it alone, her whole family turn they back/
bad enough they claimin' they church folks/
stop looking for their acceptance, time to look out for your own/
trying to do the best she can, in and out of homeless shelters/
sincerely trying to change, but her environment don't help her/
she weeps, cause deep inside/
she feels like her family will never really think she's trying/
I know you sick of the pain, I know that you sick of the cryin'/
your life is on the line, I don't blame you for sipping wine/
bed bugs eating you alive/
but it's nothing compared to the stale love to she feel inside/
a man gone open up his home/
she opened up her legs/
so he beat her in the head/
and he kicked her out the door/
she just trying to praise the Lord/
only reason you a pawn ya keyboard and guitar/
till them chicks at the shelter tried to take it/
wouldn't give it up so they tried to break it ya/
you filed charges to no use/
it's like you can't escape abuse/
you went from in and out of jail to in-n-out of pews/
but redemptions in Lord, mama don't pick up at noose/
Joy's coming in the morn mama Chonne/
head up and hold on/


when I feel like I'd rather die/
how can I hold my head up high/
when I'm all beat up/
and my feet won't budge/
how long can I keep this up/
they say that life's supposed to go on/
but how can I be strong/
when I'm bashed and bruised/
Lord I'm asking you/
where are, where are you Lord/

Verse 2:
I know it's hard ever since you lost your mother boy/
I'm here for you like a brother know I love you boy/
you always try to do the right thing/
but your ways got ya facin time, in the pen, it's not the end/
it's hard raising three kids on her own/
section 8 don't seem to be enough to fill her home/
you aint the kind the Republicans riffin bout/
she working a steady job, trying to feed 3 mouths/
his daddy beat em/
5th to the face, so a belt is how we greet him/
his mama cheatin/
broken dishes on the floor, broken lamps, broken speakers/
can recognize the mirror, bruises cover his features/
she's never been a kid/
he took her innocence snuck through her window then/
raped her up in the bed/
feel like her womb is dead/
she wanna to bust his head/
instead she'll be a lesbian/
said she's done with men/
shut down the government/
and we don't even know if we should be blaming Democrats or Republicans/
it doesn't matter when your son gets killed/
died fighting for his country and you left to foot the bill/
I know the pain is deep/
lamentations of a dying world I hear it weep/
seems like God is asleep/
but I promise you guys got something up his sleeve /
redemption's found in the King/ you just gotta believe/


it aint where you been, its where you are going/
it's time to hold strong to your faith and gird ya loins/
my God got you at the palm of his hands/
you ain't know a fruit of the Spirit was long suffering/
what don't kill you will make you stronger/
life doin you wrong but/
sometimes we pay for sins of our fathers/
I know what's wrong but/
sometimes you can't escape the domino effect of the consequences/
I know the road looks endless/
it's full of pain tremendous/
did I forget to mention/
we have an everlasting hope/
don't get exasperated, but our mansion's pretty dope/
can't view it through a scope/
can't dream it in a dream/
treasures are more precious than you have ever seen/
and I guarantee you we gone make a scene/
when we see the scenic vision of the kingdom of the King of Kings/
you ain't got nothing more than your faith/
I aint talking religion, this a historical faith/
its not a myth, Christ really Rose out of the grave/
from the abyss, and He did it too purely through faith/
which is a gift/
so you better hold on to your faith/
giving purely through grace/
the afterlife will be a better place/
our pain is minuscule compared to the day were raised/
and we've got the perfect vision to see his face in the clearest shade


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by Flawless Tracks



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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