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Survivor Lyrics from Bless Da Flow

Verse 1:
I could've been, should've been, in a cell or dead/
buck fifty to my face, but he just caught my hand/
instead of trying to be all that I can/
the military locked me up, and throw me in that middle can/
when I got out lead astray, let that metal bang/
locked up again but God gave a second chance/
I should have been a statistic, a product of my land/
but that spirit beckoned, and I choose to be a better man/
she could've been, should've been like a mama trickin'/
In N Out of foster care, or on a pole stripping'/
smokin L's, watched her mama twist 'em/
never put it to her lips, but still she burdened by the curses/
till she woke up with a hangover at 13/
7 strokes tried to kill her brain, and take her out the scene/
never supposed to walk, talk, just drink food out a straw/
but God gave my wifey the Spirit to keep pressing on/

yeah you might try to knock me down/
but you can't hold me, I'm standing my ground/
I kneel at the throne, yeah my eyes on that crown/
my God console me, He said don't back down/
yeah I'm a survivor/
I'm a survivor/
yeah he made me a fighter/
just get up again/
hold on to the end/
He's holding you friend/

Verse 2:
He could have been like it pops, and left my mom alone/
running off to the mountains smoking O's of (Hy)dro/
ya'd boi(Yard Boy), dredlock, praisin Jah and weed/
instead he dedicated that he would be there for me/
she could have let that man who raped, her run her life/
making excuses for every failure, and every strife/
never let another man close/
but instead, she encourage him and hold her husband close/
coulda committed suicide, when they took her seeds/
baby father left her hanging in the breeze/
feeling so alone like maybe nobody needs her/
but she's moving forward in Christ/
mama Chonne letting that spirit feed her/
his face healed from the bruises/
and he realized that harboring hate only pains the hater, man its useless/
you can either make moves, or make excuses/
the truth is the road behind you don't paint your future/


Verse 3:
The enemy would love to beat you to a pulp/
fiction'll tell you Satan's just a joke/
non-fiction will show you the face of the goat/
seeks to devour everything, but the lion has choked/
only in God I'll boast/
God died rose in 3/
stole the keys/
I don't need rosaries/
hell is frozen I'm freed/
go to Romans and see/
confess where ya mouth speaks/
and believe where ya heart beats/
you'll never burn where the demons creep/
and that makes you a warrior/
God is making glorious/
in battle we are victorious through His Holy Blood/
when Satan comes to your face, call on the Lord, he's shuned/
every trial on Earth is won through His begotten Son/
now make a decision/
dedicate all your wisdom to God, you might be sinful/
but His Blood has made you sinless/
drop knees repent, and testify his forgiveness
through your transparent witness


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by Flawless Tracks



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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