On My Job

from by Mehlek Pfisha

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On My Job Lyrics from Bless Da Flow LP

Everybody wanna be the man/
They chase that Never, NeverLand green Peter Pan/ (repeat)
Everybody wanna be a boss/
But the don't really, really know what it really cost/ (repeat)

Everybody claim they a boss, all I see/
Bandwagons full of fake phony frauds, they aint kings/
Unless they submit they power unto God, all they'll be/
Straight lost, so my G, this a call for they sheep/
Too hard for the church, too soft for the streets/
Still Im walkin in my purpose being all I can be/
They calling this rap music, these are Psalms that I sing/
This my heart, yeah I mean it, On My Job, for the King

Verse 1:
What up fam I go by Mehlek/
the only thing you need to know about me/
is my name, and my flaws, and my cause, Son of God, he was spawned from a seed/
and that seed, was nailed to a tree he/
cleans all my deeds, drink what he bleeds/
mouth full of blood, soul full of heat/
I'm on fire you can feel it in my speech/
flame burning in my eyes I represent Him when I walk, talk, even when I breathe/
I do it cause a spear split His spleen/
and I believe so that means I'm redeemed/
can't pay Him back, owe Him everything/
I just want yall to see what I seen/
when I was locked in a cage, den full of demons/
but its hard to fight back when that demon was me/
but then He opened my eyes, gave me optics to see/
prostitutin my soul, we cuttin under the sheets/
I aint know I was getting busy with Orks and Banshees/
chasin money, women, and homegrown, that lime green/
I turned my back on the world and divorced the enemy/
but don't get it twisted when I say he's under me/
I reject the tongue of the devil, I don't speak what he speaks/
and I only call his name when I'm telling him to flee/
but my God is stronger than concrete/
inbread in my jeans/
the Bread of Life cleans/
sun appears moon fades disappeared the liking/
the wolf went away I re-appeared as white sheep/
no more chasing the bread, I just live for my king/
He gave man dominion so my name is what I be/
in Hebrew call me King, Mehlek/
only when I submitted authority to that Holy Chief/


Verse 2:
They call me Pfisha man/
it's more than a name that be my job, I reel em in/
and I'm hated by many, shots fired but I still got love for many men/
too hard for the church, too soft for the streets, but the spirit sealed with in/
my only job on earth make Christian men/
I'll show you the ropes, how to suppress that inner man/
can't hear the Lord calling well its something blocking your signal, man/
ya epidermis, is but Romans show you how to shed that vermin skin whole/
like them Aztecs and them Incans did/
I'm coming from left field, y'all aiming for first base/
but if you aint married you shouldn't be kissing that broad in the first place/
but I'm getting ahead of myself, only place that you should focus is Christ/
and then over time he'll show you the stumbling blocks, and the traps, and the vice/
Man I aint the acting type, baby boy all I do is keep it real/
No facade, I'll show you my sin inside so that y'all can feel/
and see that we are all brethren/
we all one in the same/
forget that world the respect, without Christ love, we all week and lame/

Verse 3:
I rep the Lord hard, call me bible thumper/
you aint gone to phase me dog/
nothin take me asunder/
I'm stuck on my God, I'm only trying to please him/
never part from his ways, it's like we Siamese twins/
these aint just lines I'm saying/
me and the Holy Spirit fuse like we super Sayians/
find me where the sheep are grazing/
I was lost like I was on an island puffin that black smoke/
stuck in that time warp, trying to find my own way, a joke/
I'm trying to pull you from these wretched seas/
thinking you safe boy, but you inches from being attacked from where them piranhas feed/
and you in the danger zone/
man what is you waiting for/
you see this picture man, there's one reason I paint it for/
so you can repent from sin, stop acting retarded/
God'll equip you for battle, we like a gang of Spartans/
swords and armor sparkling/
protesting sin like we are walking torches/
the Spirit ignite us and make us flame retardant/


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by Tony Fadd



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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