Handz 2 Da Heir

from by Mehlek Pfisha

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Handz 2 da Heir Lyrics from Bless Da Flow LP

That Son shine, my hands high, praisin/
Bathe in the Light, Son dried, raisin/
Glory to God, hot as fire caijin/
Son shine, praisin/
Sun dried, raisin/

Verse 1:
I could say I gotta lot/
some might say, boy you know you need to stop/
cause I'm looking' at ya neck, and Im lookin' at ya wrist/
I don't see a thing gliss, not a ner' nada rock/
yeaint gotta whip full of chicks/
ya ride aint sittin on no 20" kicks/
no cabinets full o Cris/
no bottles on deck, yeaint bout that life/
you don't live like this/
ha, but I live like/
I'm a count all my blessings whether it seems like/
I got money ya can't reach, or my doughs on E/
its like I need a refill, I always see the Light/
I promise you that money aint a thing/
especially when you dedicate ya life to the King/
but that don't mean He'll give you everything/
nah, total satisfaction needs to be found in the King/

Bridge 1:
that Joy, that Love, that Peace that you can't comprehend/
His Spirit lives in me, so all I do is win/
aint got no cares, no worries, they won't pull me in/
I got all that I need, as long as I'm His friend/

Verse 1 cont'd:
let me clear it up a little/
the fruit of the Lord's Spirit is all I need, I'm a sinner/
as long as He give me Mercy/
when He known' I aint worthy/
but He's surely to mature me/
that'll make ya boy a winner/
Ha, and I know that Im blessed/
but that aint measured by money, no its measured by my breath/
as long as he give me life, I'm a push for my death/
go to work, bout His Biz, all hands on deck/

Yeah them blessings keep pourin down/
Thats why I keep my hands to that heir/
Yeah them blessings keep pourin down/
Thats why I push my hands to that heir/ (repeat)
So I stop/
I stopped listening, what haters, talk, talk talkin bout/
They can't understand my God man what they talkin bout/
My treasure stored in the Lord, man bump they talkin bout/
What, what they talkin bout/
What they talk, talking bout/

Wanna praise Him, I'll show ya how/
knees to the ground, thats how ya spirit bows/
eyes to the clouds/
un-knit ya brows/
frown upside down/
lets praise Him now/

Intro/ Intermission Remix:

Verse 2:
You could say you gotta lot/
if the Fruit of the Spirit is what ya got/
then ya betta pay homage/
betta pay dues/
show these people, its only cause of the Good News/
Christ hung up on a tree, no lynch, no loose/
resurrected from the dead, we dancin our Footloose/
He bearing up all our burdens, and all we bearing is fruit/
give it up for the Lord, put ya hands to the roof/
Why? why wouldn't I/
He blessed me I call Him Mr Gesondheid/
and when I sing to Yhwh/
problems of my life all seem to go away/
I concentrate on His mercy/
and meditate on His Face, Face, FaceItMusic give Him worship and praise/
Earthly riches all spoilin/
cares of this world, flushed down the toilet/

Bridge 2:
God all I need is you/
sing praises till I'm out of breath, until my face turn blue/
and when I praise/
these worldly chains just break/
now I get loose/
Yep yep yep I get loose/
get get get loose/
push ya Handz 2 da Heir get loose/

Verse 2 cont'd:
in case it isn't clear/
praise is my only ticket to heaven you wanna touch him/
then put ya hands above where ya head is, into the air/
sing unto him sing unto Him, show Him you revere/
we praise Him because He's holy/
deserving of all our glory/
I know that you've heard the story/
blood sweat and tears/
its kinda gruesome and gory/
but so is the price of sin/
no guts, no glory, lift His name up again/



from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by SuperStarO



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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