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Destiny Lyrics from Bless Da Flow LP:

Oooh, you're looking like the kind of girl that I could love on/
just want to hug on ya/
I can tell that you're the kind of Queen that I can lean on/
just wanna fiend on girl/
Oooh you're seeming like the kind of lady to depend on/
I spend my ends on ya/
call me crazy, I know it was meant to be/
but baby, you know you're my destiny/

Lady Luck/
she drives me crazy nuts/
no makeup, she still looks like a million bucks/
she keep her soul clean, enjoys that simple life/
don't chase designer clothes, and that gold diggin type/
she don't even read a cosmopolitan/
every blue moon, might sip a cosmopolitan/
she just want a man to treat her right/
aint clubbing with the fellas, no sleepless last nights/
dime piece, God I've got to Wife her/
she don't cheat, Old Faithful, call her my geyser/
gotta Burnin' Desire/
love her Passionate Fire/
she keeps my head runnin' 'round like Cadillac tires/
now shorty give your left hand to me/
you make a brother wanna start a family/
let's make it official, live out our fantasy/
bended knee, every moment after live it happily/


First date, the only time I'd stand her up/
nowadays they'd swear her left and my right hands were cuffed/
two up peas in a pod/
this must be a mirage/
you're all I need, no more dreams of menage a tois/
we can park the car, or cruise the boulevard/
our conversations elevate us to a higher cause/
opposite, but alike/
that's right we eye to eye/
won't go down without a fight/
she took that oath to ride or die/
but if death comes knocking we ain't shook/
we just wanna die together, "Notebook"/
I'm so hooked, like a fish out of sea/
if I can't lean upon ya chest and listen to ya heartbeat/
crushed if I gotta go days without spoonin' you/
life get the best of us, I ain't trying to pull from you/
heartbroken if I aint boo-ed with you/
some might call it love sick, I just call it "Cupid Flu"/


Her scalp covered in oil sheen/
the scent upon and breast, fresher than then the summer breeze/
and she dedicate it all to me/
this Love was meant to be/
we vibe in perfect harmony/
so I let you inside, take my keys and my locks/
let you discover every part upon my tender heart/
now I'm vulnerable, but I feel secure/

open all my doors, full access, I'm all yours/


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by Scott Styles



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Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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