Bring It

from by Mehlek Pfisha

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Bring It Lyrics from Bless Da Flow LP

I'm indestructible, bred by the Spirit, yeah I'm a Godson, a Godson/
guerrilla warfare, concrete jungle bringing that gospel, that gospel/

Verse 1:
God son, son of God I'm going hard/
back on my job, with a Bible and a fishing rod/
this aint no walk in the park, I'm out to get the lost/
and this is war, that's why I got my equipment on/
Cuz I know Satan want to stop me/
but it ain't gone never shock me if his minions try to pop me/
but even if they drop me/
I'll resurrect from hell, I'm not talking zombie/
polished armor cover my body watch me/
I demonstrate the shield of faith, barrel pointed at my face/
plate on my chest, heart guarded I never break/
Im beautiful my duty's full of moving to the lost/
and my foot moving like I got wings on my shoes/
Cross by the waistline, I'm rocking the belt of the truth/
Sword swinging back and forth, Im bringing the good news, good God/
recognize I'm a warrior, I told ya boy, a soldier on the field and I'm about to set it off/
yeah I shine and glow, but God is really in control/
and this block'll be golden if I come bring it to the lost/
no apologies given if I'm offending The Lost/
get my apologetics on, I'm defending the cross/
see I'm a minister, not sinister/
I'm in it for the Winning bro/
I'm here to deliver scriptures to fill ya/
a bullet is real, but a demon is realer/
so I sink into the depths of the Father/
He protects me in this war/
Im living for the glory of the Lord/
he handling my battle when I sing on one accord, with the spirit in the sky/
that's probably why you see me with my knees on the floor, cause he is my supply/
ammunition to the barrel and the handle of my sword/
I spit about His Will to the sound of the drum/
Rum Pum Pum till the day the Lord come/
and my bodies really perfect cause I really see the Son/

Don't get it twisted cuz I'm Christian/
the media's got us looking scared but I'm a bring it/
saved from being a misfit/
so what's my mission/
spread the good news, just praying they listening yall listening :repeat

Now that I got my guard up, spirit donned in that armor/
I keep on praying, cause prayer gone keep me charged up/
and I aim to keep my squad up/
but I can't put all my faith in my partners/
I'm prepared to bring it dolo if I got to, your honor/
clean me, mold me, purge my soul, and grant me the heart of Moses/
the fighting spirit David, to find and convert these soldiers/
take control, separate 'em from chasin dough/
and just show you the best part of waking up like Folgers/
boy get up off of that sofa/
life is precious, and time is of the essence/
stop politicin' bout whether they'll accept it/
either way, we should bring 'em that message/
reflect Him put 'em on to La Familia/
carbon copy image of Christ call me chameleon/
hemophilia, keep lettin that spirit bleed on ya/
only way they'll feel the message of the Savior is if ya let that spirit fill ya up/
no lean in my cup, that boy trying to let that Kingdom Come/
Creed above, feel that love/
If not I'm vain, Lord, pull my plug/

I'm indestructible, Thors Hammer, you can't touch this/
Sword of Christ attached to that bayonet, bang the musket/
the revolutions being televised/
tell these hellish guys these symbols of Greek gods got all Hellenized/
and I don't care, label me a rappin Christian preacher/
y'all take the wage off sin too lightly, ain't no misdemeanor/
Satan played ya, picked and screened ya/
if you aint heeding to Jesus/
then he gone leave you like Cleveland seen him, Miami Heat ya/
that's why I bring that King James to the block/
see that crown and that rock/
kneel down Lancelot/
you would think they was Templar Knights on Black Friday/
executing Hells Angels and point em to heavens highway/
no, I ain't gone be the one to pull that trigger/
gotta do it yourself Tim Tool-Man Taylor/
cuz I'm responsible for bringing yall that message
but the choice is solely yours, to kill your flesh if you accept it/


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by SuperStarO



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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