Before I Wake

from by Mehlek Pfisha

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Lyrics for Track 1 of Bless Da Flow LP
If I should die before I wake/
I pray the Lord my soul to take/ :repeat 3 x's

1st verse:
If i should die before I wake/
I pray the Lord my soul to take/
Until he send me through them golden gates/
I ride on that sword of Christ, chopping blades/
Coastin like a roller skate/
The Father rules in Heaven, no debate/
Gave man dominion of this whole terrain/
Earth is like my own estate/
I ride in authority that motorcade/
My soul won't break/
The Lord hold me down much better that Secret Service could coordinate/
And I don't roll wit fakes/
Who only want that dough and cake/
If I see they bout to die/
Then i pull em to the side/
I pull em close and show em faith/
Compassion is the only way/
I find the ones who've rode astray/
And point em to that Holy Lane/
I don't want ya soul goin to waste/
And that burden heavy on me but I shoulder the weight/
Long as I got the Lord as my strength/
Then under my skin is adamantium, bones regenerate/
Dredlock, Sampson, jaw bone to the face/
Metaphor for the praise/
I say the Lord name/
Bible code get a taste of the ancient of days/
And watch them demons float away/

Im just trying to be a blessing thats my only message/
I pray the choice of my words turn this earth into heaven/
Im just trying to be a blessing, heed the message/
Just trying to turn this earth into heaven, this is heaven


2nd verse:
I just wanna testify about the Lord's forgiveness/
I'm a witness/
Too many kids went missing/
Sold out to the business/
Some by they free will, see em pitching'/
While some got blind-sided, caught em slipping'/
Human traffic, highest biddin'/
Momma's in the kitchen/
But she ain't cooking dinner/
She cookin' pies naked in the winter/
Baby Daddy's a winner/
Yeah all we do is win/
We satisfied by all this sin/
But our children paying, in the end/


3rd verse;

My main intention is to save the babies/
Too many 9 year olds twerkin like they grown ladies/
I pass em in the street and watch em drop it to the pavement/
I hurt my soul inside, I wanna lead em to the Saviour/
Look at the lil' playa, thuggin' wit all his goons/
They rallied round the car, hear em barkin' at the moon/
You don't wanna see em at high noon/
But they aint shootin for the stars Lord save em soon/


from Bless Da Flow, released April 8, 2015
Written by Nathaniel Henry
Track by SuperStarO



all rights reserved


Mehlek Pfisha Hampton, Virginia

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